Wednesday, June 12, 2019

U.S. Education Today and Tomorrow Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

U.S. Education Today and Tomorrow - Essay ExampleMarket based education reforms such as strike schools are not going to aid in the purifyment of education for students in the United States. Promises of de-regularized governance structures in schools have not achieved their stated objectives. Nationally, engross schools do not perform better than charter public schools. Additionally, implementation of these market-based school reforms, i.e. charter schools and school choice show a higher level of inequity in the academic achievements of the students. Market based education reforms are not going to affect the American education administration in a satisfactory manner. The best policy for the improvement of public schools would be to invest directly in proven reforms that focus on the implementation of practices that can improve the schools curriculum, rather than focusing on the business side of schools (Wraga, 2010).Another education trend that aims at effecting change in the U.S. education system is a high school reforms. Recent education reform in Idaho, known as Students Come First, adopted advanced academic standards for its students. This project involves magnanimous the teachers tools that they require to engage todays learners and individualize teaching. These reforms will have the effect of expanding digital learning for students so that they have access to educational opportunities wheresoever they reside. Via building connections with post-secondary education and career opportunities, the project aims at giving all high school students an opportunity of taking college entry exams, as well as college credits while still students in high school. It is expected that, by making the education curriculum in high schools more relevant and rigorous, the students, may actually elect to stay in school rather than dropping out, which cannot be achieved by the present strategy that

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