Monday, June 24, 2019

Deploying E-Commerce Solution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Deploying E-Commerce Solution - Essay ExampleE-Commerce has excessively enabled a revolution in the way the business is preserveed and managed. Being touted as the business of the millennium, E-Commerce is also sometimes described as digital economy. Simply speaking, Electronic Commerce is the paperless exchange of goods or services through the use of electronic data (Web Transitions Inc, 2004). Due to its innumerable advantages and benefits, E-Commerce and its web applications be adapted for conducting a hassle free business over the ever popular network. E-Commerce etymons will also offer merchants a well defined strategic advantage of creating Business to Client (B2C) relation that is sometimes very stable and well glued.Deploying E-Commerce solutions for carrying out internet business is a matter that needs to be thoroughly analyzed and assessed, before actually implementing the final solution. E-Commerce portals is thought to be a highly personalized, obtain web environmen t that allows a business to aggregate, share, trade and exchange contents, products and services with customers, partners, employees and suppliers ( Sun Microsystems, 2006). The future for E-Commerce based merchant solutions is very rosy too, with 70% of the ball-shaped 2000 companies turning over to E-Commerce portal strategies by the year 2002, whereas by the year 2006, an estimated 75% of Fortune 1000 companies will have their own web portals to conduct E-Commerce activities almost on a daily basis (Adam Sarner, 2004).This research paper attempts to highlight the commercial importance of E-Commerce solutions, available methods by which a merchant so-and-so deploy E-Commerce solutions, different types of Internet technologies and programs that can be used to create a viable solution, and to investigate some of the well known third caller E-Commerce website store solutions. It will also compare and differentiate two types of E-Commerce solutions, one that is built from the scrat ch by the merchants themselves, while the other built and hosted by a reliable third party service provider. Practical Ways to Deploy E-Commerce Solutions If a merchant wants to know what it takes to successfully implement effective E-Commerce solutions, there are some(prenominal) means currently available for exploration. In fact, there is a plenty of help and assistance, whether a merchant wants to deploy it all by oneself, by using the in-house expertise, or hire for a fee, outside professionals who are the experts in the field. There are valid reasons to look and explore both these approaches, though fine and medium sized businesses may need to be extra careful about those sensitive things, that are needed to keep an E-Commerce system up to find and current in the face of a stifling competition. Going solo all by a merchant to set up and deploy an E-Commerce solution might look very strenuous at the initial glance. But, building an E-Commerce website within the house is not a ctually difficult, as there are several tools, utilities and e-commerce services available at very

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