Thursday, June 13, 2019

ACC 202 MOD 5 CA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

ACC 202 MOD 5 CA - Essay ExampleAs the company has the capacity to produce 20,000 units in a year, Paul Peco should focus on utilizing the firms maximum production capacity, as there is a high level of demand for the product.Pecos has the capacity to manufacture 20,000 units per year without any increase in the decided costs. The most profitable solution for Paul Peco would be to sell 20,000 units in a year, so that the companys maximum capacity is utilized. From this volume, the contribution required from a single unit to cover the fixed costs can be computed (Weston and Copeland).The profit margin originally set by Paul Peco was a minimum of $ 10 per unit. In the revised plan, a minimum profit of $ 12.50 per unit is fixed. Hence the revised minimum selling price is at $ 280 per unit.It is evident that Paul Peco would have sold 1,925 units in the know month. Assuming a constant demand every month, Paul Peco will easily be able to sell 20,000 units in the first year. The last mont hs contribution margin income statements for the two rules are presented below.From the revised plan, it is evident that Ms. Goodpersons decision to accept the contract at $290 per unit was profitable. Ms.Goodperson should be leased again. Also, based on the revised decision rule, Paul Peco should instruct his sales staff to accept orders at any price above $ 280 per

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