Sunday, June 9, 2019

Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears ) Essay

Jackson and The Cherokee ( The Trail of Tears ) - Essay ExampleHis tribe is nearly becoming extinct (Cherokee, para 2).The state of Georgia, our neighbors, is forcing us to relinquish our possessions for their benefit. It is unfortunate that also the President of the United States has failed to come to our aid, and has instead ruled in advance of the Georgians. We are left wondering what other rights do we enjoy if we cannot allowed to enjoy living peacefully on our God-given land, the land we inherited from our forefathers (Cherokee, para 4).The Cherokees have always fulfilled their engagements with the United States and have never reclaimed the portions of sovereignty which was surrendered by the treaties of Hopewell and Holston. Our people have always trusted their country to the guarantee of the United States. If this guaranty fails, we do not have anybody to trust, and we do not even know where to look for protection (Cherokee, para 6)Out of these atrocities and insecurity, we are pleading to the General regimen to offer us new homes, and should also propose to pay the whole expense of the removal and settlement. We hope our pleas will be acted

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