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Microeconomic concepts (LEVEL 4) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Microeconomic concepts (LEVEL 4) - Assignment ExampleThe corporation operates 35 holiday parks and provides a wide range of holiday operate such as bars and restaurants, sporting facilities, gaming activities and holiday resorts. Some of the natural factors that have made the organisation expand its market share include superior client services, modern physical facilities, aggressive marketing efforts, excellent management leadership style and flat organisational structure. The companionship is geared at achieving its mission and strategic objectives. The orthogonal factors affecting the organisation include harsh economic environment, changes in technology, social environment changes, natural environmental protection issues and strict legal and regulatory framework. The company market structure is pure competition due to many competitors in the industry and availability of numerous substitutes. The company should differentiate the services, offer superior added services and ext end the product portfolio in order to attain market leadership position in the industry ((Tribe 2005, 176). Introduction haven family Holidays is a tourism company that operates 35 holiday parks in the United Kingdom (Haven family Holidays 2012). The company boosts of the best facilities for the guests in camping and accommodation. Some services include sports clubs, live cheer for guests and child-friendly venues and activities for kids. Additional activities include swimming programs, football and basket ball coaching (Haven family Holidays 2012). Business objectives Haven family holidays provide three specific types of holidays that include self-catering, caravan and camping and half-board. The company is the largest provider of domestic holidays in UK with recreational parks spread across England. Some of the products offered include luxurious holiday resorts, sporting facilities, corporate gathering facilities, and meals (Haven family Holidays 2012). The objectives of Haven family holidays include growing the profits of the company each year in order to provide guests with additional value added services. Another objective is to find and environment whereby resources are utilized effectively and employee welfare is maintained through fulfilling jobs (Haven family Holidays 2012). Haven Family Holidays is also committed to providing holiday resort services in a safe, secure and environmentally-friendly manner in order to improve the attractions to the holiday resorts (Haven family Holidays 2012). Internal factors affecting Haven family holidays The internal environment consists of factors that are within the management control. each business organization can alter the internal factors in order to attain competitive strength in the industry. I believe that some of the internal factors affecting Haven Family Holidays include human resources, physical facilities, the leadership capability, the mission and objectives of the organization, the corporate cul ture, the marketing activities, customer loyalty, the organizational structure and research and development activities. Haven Family Holidays attracts and retains qualified personnel in all business processes. In my

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