Thursday, September 26, 2019

Multimedia Capstone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Multimedia Capstone - Essay Example The mind of the individual with the fundamental view about some aspect of reality, be it in his or her own individual life, the corporation, or society, is taken to be a given. This is similar to what in logic is considered an ‘a priori’ assumption – the decision has already been made in the individual’s mind about the way things are or should be, thus the person does not really think or consider the different solutions to the problem, or propose solutions that challenge traditional norms. Because of this, what we are programmed to believe becomes almost like instinct, shaping the way we view the world and our concepts of freedom within it as expressed through our actions. For this reason Gardner considers fundamentalists hard to convert to a new view, not because the fundamentalists believe the root tenets of a particular thought system and base their philosophy upon that, but because their pre-conceived notions are fundamental to the way they view the wor ld. This has the effect of conforming the mind of the fundamentalist individual to the programming patterns of the belief system to which he or she subscribes. From this, if one needs to actively change the mind of a fundamentalist individual or group of individuals, as in business management system changes or social movements, there has to be a means given that allows the individual to step above or outside of his or her own belief system, and see it as it is, as a belief rather than a universal truth or indisputable fact. With this there needs to be a situation where the alternative solution appears at the same time as the person steps outside of the fundamentalist belief. This is teaching through skillful means and may necessitate different approaches for different individuals, as not all personalities are the same or respond to the same effects in the same manner. So one must sculpt the teaching to the individual characteristics and sensitivities

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