Friday, September 27, 2019

Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 5

Leadership - Essay Example Discipline thinking is important in minimizing strategic blunders as plans are thoroughly thought through. It promotes a system of self/ internal correction while at the same time enhancing clear modes of formulation and implementation of ideas. It enhances an organization’s self-discipline, self-monitoring and self-corrective thinking and apart from enhancing and effective and open communication within the organization, it enables effective interpretation of ideas leading to solid conclusions and solutions, testing them against relevant criteria and standards. Strategic thinking saves costs that may be incurred from poor decision making - capital that can be redirected towards further development (Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2013). The organization has overtime exhibited disciplined thinking and behavior that has served to propel it to global heights. For example, the idea to establish offices worldwide has helped expand the market and consumer base to every corner of the world and boost its competitiveness. Also, the increased variety of goods and services offered such as loan and banking services, video game equipment, mobile phones, televisions, music and sound systems, clothing amongst others has seen to a capturing of millions of varied consumers on a global scale. Disciplined thinking is a process that can be enhanced in an organization by promoting and encouraging new ideas amongst workers and motivating employees to feel part and parcel of the organization. The workers must feel that the organization’s problems are their problems in order to be innovative and creative enough. Cases of ridicule of ideas and negative office gossip must be weeded out from the workplace and those who have seen their ideas fail or get rejected by the organization must be encouraged to soldier on and not throw in the towel as further innovations and ideas could offer a breakthrough and shape fortune of the organizatio n. Strategic thinking can further still be promoted by constituting idea sharing forums, seminars and suitable, convenient channels amongst all workers with enhanced open upward, downward and sideways communication for flow of ideas. Workers should be offered a conducive, calm and peaceful work atmosphere and their efforts and breakthroughs recognized through promotions, pay rises, employee of the duration awards, parties, trips and vacations fully catered for by the organization and so on. Positive deviance is

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