Monday, September 23, 2019

Continuity Planning Overview Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Continuity Planning Overview - Assignment Example e role and task of Business Continuity manager also demand the induction of policies and procedures that may prove beneficial towards the continued business operations if something disastrous happens. The most important aspect of this role is to foresee and preempt the upcoming challenges that may hinder or cause delay in normal business operations. Wallace, Lawrence & Larry (2011) states, â€Å"The Business Continuity Manager leads the company’s planning and recovery efforts. This person’s duties encompass the entire program from assisting in editing plans for providing strategic leadership and vision.† After a detail analysis of the present policies and company wide procedures few changes are deemed essential to ensure pursuance of business continuity objectives in case of a serious calamity or disaster. Salman (2006) observes, â€Å"Identifying key problem areas during audits of business continuity plans can enhance an organizations disaster recovery efforts and ensure the quick return of business activities and services.† An immediate revamp of existing policies in following areas is suggested; A training program is required to be started immediately to educate employees on various concepts and philosophies related to business continuity. This will help to achieve a smooth transition from the existing policies and procedures towards an innovative strategic policy which is sustainable in extraordinary circumstances that the company may face in case of a disaster. The skepticism within the organizational setup needs to be addressed intelligently because the management and the Board are the core decision makers and their support is indispensable for a successful business continuity plan. It must be born in mind that the strategic plan for business continuity is an expensive decision and management can only buy this idea if they can understand the value of the investment. The presenter needs to roll out the new policies in an attractive package to ensure

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