Tuesday, August 27, 2019

MANAGEMENT DECISION MAKING Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

MANAGEMENT DECISION MAKING - Essay Example To harmonize the shareholders’ activities and achieve optimum perspectives within the organization, there exists need for exceptional attention towards strategy of group decision-making. For instance, the personnel must adopt a broader and a more dynamic perspective to enable the full integration of all functions of the organization. Further, the strategies of group decision-making need to designate the collection of lasting goals and objectives concerning the organization’s staff members. The strategies must put in place the modalities to ensure that goals set are achievable. Moreover, necessary resources to guarantee the organizational structure, culture, and value alongside the utilization of personnel to fulfill the organization’s objectives should remain implemented. (Emanoil and Nicoleta, 2013, p. 1526). In the recent past, the decision-making process in CCHT slightly improved. Despite this step, the CCHT management is seemingly not fully involved in the decision-making process, and the situation is bringing up confusion as notable consultant partners seem to make unilateral decisions that run the hospital. Delivery of the health care services in CCHT hospital often remains confined in a situation of inefficiencies and resentment. Therefore, it is imperative to consider an integrated form of group decision-making to ensure smooth and coordinated running of the hospital’s functions. A shared understanding is crucial to ensure effective collaboration of the health care practitioners. In order to integrate an understanding among a diverse group of individuals, there is a need for heterogeneity of the work group to remain effected. (Bittner and Leimeister, 2014, p, 111). The report has a foremost objective of enhancing identification of group-decision makers among the health care professionals. During setting up of a group, confidence of

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