Sunday, August 11, 2019

Ground Combat Vehicle Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ground Combat Vehicle - Research Paper Example It was designed and developed by a combination of proficient and highly qualified engineers. Ground combat vehicles are acquired through a special process known as the testing and evaluation. Departments of defense have in the recent past been keen on the application of Test and Evaluation (T & E) in acquisition of ground combat vehicles in the automobile industry. The process of evaluation takes a systematic review on three major documents related to the technical conditions of the vehicle before acquisition. The first document is the statement of objectives, which contains the parameters for ensuring that the combat vehicles are able to satisfy the objectives for which it is acquired. The next document is the statement of work. Statement of work contains information related to the working conditions of the vehicle. It seeks to confirm if the technical specification of the vehicle satisfies the requirements for the specified task and the possible life span. The United States of America has been in the process of acquiring major programs that is expected to replace the fragments of the Future Combat systems (FCS). An illustration to this is where the eight versions of the track controlled Ground Vehicle are replaced by the FCS. The US Federal Army is presently in the process of acquiring new combat vehicles to be produced under the Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program presently under formulation. TRADOC Company and Ft. Monroe are presently preparing a map for the capability-gaps that exist in the today situation and the future requirements. The requirement in this project is a single common vehicle. Alternatively, it can be satisfied by many types of Ground Combat Vehicles. The last evaluation of this study came out in the month of September 2009 and it was very critical because it helped in bringing very critical information to the limelight, and this benefited many people. The review of this program was also very vital

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