Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Digestive Disorders (liver) :: essays research papers

Digestive DisordersAmebic Dysentry is a disorder in which there is anaccumulation of pus located in the liver. This is usually caused byan internal parasite or beingness. When dealing with this liverdisease there be a few symptoms to look out for. Jaundice, whichis something that go forth make your skin and eyes go yellow is asymptom of Amebic Dysentry. Other symptoms to look out forare chills, a high fever, sweating, diarrhea, deprivation of appetite, weightloss, abdominal pain, possible joint pain and an all around basicdiscomfort. Amebic Dysentry is caused by the same micro-organism thatcauses a variety of intestine infections. This organism is carriedthrough the blood stream to the liver to where the abscess isformed. For starters, the collection of pus is the bodies whiteblood cells forming to protect the liver. However, it collects toomuch and that is how the abscess is formed. When you arediagnosed with amoeban liver you are very likely to also have anintestinal infectio n from the disease as well. This is not true for allcases though. Most cases in which both issue forth are in places ofhigh temperatures and poor sanitation. Africa, Latin America,Southeast Asia, and India have many health problemsassociated with the disease. The most common way to get thisdisease is from 1 person to another. The other most commonway is through unhealthy food and badly sanitized water. Noteating properly and excessive insobriety will only worsen thedisease.There are many ways that you can help prevent getting thisdisease. If you go to a foreign country, specially in the tropics,always drink purified water, always peel fruit and vegetables, andcook your food at any time possible. If you think that you may have amebic liver, you should geta liver scan and an ultrasound treatment. If you are diagnosedwith it the usual treatment for this is Antimicrobial therapy is the

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